Abraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln
History, Drama
Walter Huston, Una Merkel, William L. Thorne, Lucille La Verne, Helen Freeman, Otto Hoffman, Edgar Dearing, Russell Simpson, Charles Crockett, Kay Hammond, Helen Ware, E. Alyn Warren, Jason Robards Sr., Gordon Thorpe, Ian Keith, Cameron Prud'Homme, James Bradbury Sr., James Eagles, Oscar Apfel, Frank Campeau, Hobart Bosworth, Henry B. Walthall, Hank Bell, Maurice Black, Ed Brady, Robert Brower, Kernan Cripps, Mary Forbes, Francis Ford, Robert Homans, Jane Keckley, Robert Keith, Henry Kolker, Ralph Lewis, George MacQuarrie, Scott Seaton, Carl Stockdale, Harry Stubbs, Kathrin Clare Ward
The wonder film of the century, about the most romantic figure who ever lived!
 United States of America
D.W. Griffith
1 h 36 min
Release Date
25 August 1930
A biopic dramatizing Abraham Lincoln's life through a series of vignettes depicting its defining chapters: his romance with Ann Rutledge; his early years as a country lawyer; his marriage to Mary Todd; his debates with Stephen A. Douglas; the election of 1860; his presidency during the Civil War; and his assassination in Ford’s Theater in 1865.